Automate the dialing process with an intelligent and sophisticated outbound dialer.

Speedy, versatile and easily accessible.

What is an Outbound Dialer ?

Outbound dialer is a system that automatically calls pre defined lists of customers and play promotional messages, reminders, or one time passwords (OTP). MessageAnalytica’s Outbound Dialer lets you choose your sender, receiver and transmits your Voice message within minutes. We proffer you with the ability to upload a file containing the list of numbers to be called by our abundantly accommodating solution. Additionally, with our extensive reporting facility you can explore and analyze the performance of your campaign.

Quick Fact

Exponential advancement in the usage of telephones has marvelled the art of connecting people across the globe. Extremely versatile, speedy and accessible, Outbound Dialer overpowers the constraints of traditional telephonic systems.

Enterprise Voice Services

Contact Your Clients Over The Phone In The Simplest Possible Way

Ultra-fast delivery

Any company can use our Voice message solution, with or without development resources: bank, internet company, call centre, OTT, marketing, travel business, etc. Send updates on upcoming sales discounts. Prerecord personalised and customer specific messages and broadcast to any phone in the world. Pay only for delivered messages.

Ultra-fast delivery

Build unique phone call experiences with one API to make, receive, control, and monitor calls around the globe.

Ultra-fast delivery

Launch an outbound campaign with a pre-recorded message, and define a response code that will transfer interested customers directly to the call centre and a live agent. Cut costs by forwarding incoming calls to an existing PSTN number or an IP address of your choice.

How does it benefit your business


Review the performance of your campaign using our detailed reporting mechanism. A report has following parameters:
Mobile Number

Total calls

It indicates the total number of calls made.
Actual Message

Successful calls

It indicates the total number of calls that were successfully connected.
Message Length

Failed called

It indicates the number of calls that were not successfully made.
Message Parts

No-response calls

It indicates the total number of calls that were unanswered.
Credit Deducted

Call Duration

It indicates the total duration of a call.

Date & Time

It indicates the date and time on which the call was made.
Sent Date/Time

DTMF Input

It comprises of the input given by the customer during the call.

Unrivalled Levels of Voice Service

Outbound Dialing - OBD

Deliver one-time PIN codes via phone calls. Track user responses and trigger customized actions, tailored to your needs. Deliver voice messages to any mobile or landline number in the world. Create engaging, interactive voice campaigns over our Portal. Develop content-rich voice applications with our Voice message API.

Key Features - OBD

Call recording. Language support. Pre-recorded messages (.mp3 or .wav). Advanced web-based interface, our Portal. Scheduling and custom retry scheme. Answering machine detection. Response codes. Call-back URL. Customized Caller ID. Worldwide coverage, billing per minute/pulse.

Relevant Industries

  • Marketing/ Advertising Agencies
  • Banking
  • Payment Gateways/ Wallets
  • Ecommerce
  • Government and NGOs
    Government & NGO
  • Media
    E Commerce