Viber Business Messages

Engage instantly with customers using a variety of expressive messaging features.

Cost effective, Actively Engaging, Globally Recognised.

What is Viber Business Messages?

Viber Business Messages is a highly expressive and engaging messaging platform that enables enterprises to send rich content such as videos, images, text & rich cards via 1-way and 2-way messaging channels.

Quick Fact

Unlike other channels, viber business messeges support TTL(Time to live), i.e. charges for delivered only.Hence, viber/sms cascade is optimal for reducing costs and guarantees 100% carriers coverage.

Enterprise Viber Services

Free Messaging And Calling App That Allows People To Connect With Friends And Family - No Matter Who They Are Or Where They Are From

Ultra-fast delivery

Express yourself with thousands of unique stickers and GIFs

Ultra-fast delivery

Gain qucik access to the best videos, music and online services directly inside your chats

Ultra-fast delivery

Use Public Accounts to e closer to the brands, businesses and public figures that you care about

Ultra-fast delivery

Connect securely - all coomunications on viber are protected by end-to-end encryption

Business we have helped evolve


Route Connector


Sales Review System


Survey & Feedback

How it works!

  • 1 WAY
  • Important notifications
  • QR-codes of e-tickets
  • Link for confirmation
  • Verification codes
  • 2 WAY
  • Feedback request
  • Online support
  • Lead generation
  • Interactive communication
  • Step-1 Send the message to viber end-user first, charged for delivery only
  • Step-2: Receive Delivery Report: if not delivered via Viber, send as SMS
  • Step-3: Deliver the final message status to Customer

How does it benefit your business

Relevant Industries

  • Marketing/ Advertising Agencies
    Marketing/ Advertising Agencies
  • Banking
  • Payment Gateways/ Wallets
    Payment Gateways / Wallets
  • Ecommerce
  • Government and NGOs
    Government and NGOs
  • Media